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Online Authentication Failed

An Internet connection is required if you run Honeycam for the first time since its installation. (The connection is no longer required after the successful first run.)

On the first run of Honeycam, if your PC has no connection to the Internet, an error message is displayed as below.

If the connection is OK but you still see the message, attempt to access the link below.


Check if you may access the link via your browser. If your access is successful, the web page displays a message as below.

If you fail to access the link, a firewall or other network errors may be the cause. Try one of the following to solve the problem:

Set the Windows clock to the correct time.

If your Windows clock isn’t timed correctly, it may prevent you from running Honeycam. Adjust the clock to the correct time as below and try running Honeycam again.

Disable your antivirus software and firewall.

  • Avast, Bitdefender, F-Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, and others
  • Windows Firewall, corporate firewall, and other network firewalls

Uninstall and reinstall Honeycam.

Uninstall Honeycam existing on your PC. Download and reinstall the latest version of it from Bandisoft official website, and try running Honeycam again.

» Download Honeycam

Enable TLS on the browser.

If any version of TLS is disabled on your browser, it may cause the error. Enable TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2 on your browser as below and try running Honeycam again.

List of error codes

The following is a list of errors which frequently occur and their meanings.

Error Code: 10-0

Caused by 404 Not Found. Check the corporate firewall if you’re at work.

Error Code: 12-12002

Caused by a timeout connecting to the authentication server. Check your firewall.

Error Code: 12-12057

Caused by an incorrect time of the client PC. Check your Windows clock set to the correct time.
If the clock is correct, open Internet Explorer and set its options as below.

Error Code: 6-12029

Unable to make a connection to HTTPS server. Check your TLS settings or firewall.

Error Code: 6-2148098052

Caused by failure of validating a certificate installed on the system.

Error Code: 2-12007

Caused by failure of DNS resolving. Change your DNS server.

Error Code: 2-12157

Unable to load SSL library. Assumed to be a system problem.

Error Code: 2-1784

Cause unknown. Assumed to be a system problem.

Error Code: 12-12031

Cause unknown. Assumed to be a problem in your TLS settings.

If all the solutions don’t work and you still have the same problem, please contact us at Honeycam Forum or apps@bandisoft.com.