1. How to purchase/register Honeycam
  2. Honeycam License Policy: Registration, Upgrade, Management
  3. If you’ve lost your Honeycam serial number

1. License Registration

An internet connection is required when you register the license. Once you have registered the serial number, you cannot sell/resell the license, get a refund, and change the registered email address.

1-PC allows only one PC to be used:

  • To use Honeycam on 2 computers like "Home + Office", or "Desktop + Laptop", you have to purchase the "2-PC License".
  • To use Honeycam after registering it on multiple computers, you are highly recommended to upgrade the license.

2. License Upgrade Policy (1PC Upgrade = $18)

If you have already purchased the '1-PC' license:

  • 2-PC upgrade = $18.00
  • 3-PC upgrade = $36.00
  • 4-PC upgrade = $54.00
  • ...

To upgrade the Honeycam license, go to https://www.bandisoft.com/honeycam/buy/upgrade/

3. License Management

A lifetime guarantee is offered as long as the below rules are followed:

  • If you uninstall the registered Honeycam, you can re-use/transfer the license to another computer.
  • If you format your computer or your computer is broken, you can re-use/transfer the license to another computer.

If you lost the serial number, go to https://www.bandisoft.com/honeycam/buy/ and enter your purchasing email address. Your license will be sent to your email again.

4. Software Refund Policy

  • If the serial number is not registered, a refund is only offered within 14 days as long as the serial number is not registered.
  • If the serial number is registered, a refund will be impossible considering the characteristics of the software.
  • Before purchasing, you need to check for problems by using the free trial of Honeycam.