Make wonderful Animated GIFs by using Honeycam, very easy GIF image maker software!

With Honeycam, anyone can easily capture their computer screen, YouTube videos, or media players and save them as animated GIF/WebP/WebM image files.

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Honeycam's Main Features

Simple and easy GIF Maker

Animated GIFs used to be difficult to create. With Honeycam, you can easily record a specific area of the computer screen and save it as animated GIF image files. Learn more

Creates the high-quality GIF images

Honeycam can create ultra-high-definition animated GIFs by using its high-quality dithering feature to keep the original video quality.
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Supports WebP and WebM formats

Honeycam supports WebP and WebM, which are the most recent image and video formats that Google developed. Although they are only visible on selected browsers such as Chrome, etc., those formats are suitable for high-quality GIF images with small file sizes.
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Offers various editing features and effects

The program offers various editing features such as 10% faster/slower, reverse playback, yo-yo effect, reduce frames, cropping, resizing, importing, text/image watermark, transition effects, filters, etc. Learn more

Use your own watermark

You can use your own text or images as watermarks on an animated GIF. It can be used to insert your logo, title, message, etc.
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Simple image sharing

You can share images by posting them on Facebook, Twitter, messengers or forum as created GIFs can be directly uploaded via free image sharing services. Moreover, the web addresses of images can be easily obtained.

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How to make an Animated GIF


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