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Honeycam provides “Transition” feature that makes your animated file repeat (loop) more naturally by adding an effect of a connection between the last frame and the first frame of the animation.

Original file Transition added

Overlap Fade to white
Fade to black Flash

How to add transition

  1. Select a frame after which the transition starts.
  2. Click “Transition…” from the Edit menu or “Add transition” on the toolbar.
  3. Select a transition type and adjust the other settings, and then click “OK.”
    • Frames: the number of frames added for the transition.
    • Frame Delay: a delay of each frame.

Frame settings

You may adjust the frame settings to create the transition with the speed and the impression you want. Remember though, that the more frames lead to the larger file size. Assigning too many frames to the transition makes your file too large and unfit for its purpose.

Transition frames

  1. After adding the transition, you may find that transition frames (numbered “[TR]”) are added under the frame you selected.
  2. Like you do about the other frames, you may adjust the frame delays or delete the frames to change the transition type if you aren’t satisfied with the type of the existing one.

Frame multi-selection

You may select multiple transition frames as follows: select the first [TR] frame, and then hold down the Shift key and select the last [TR] frame. With the Multi-selection, you may adjust the frame delays or delete the frames all together.