Unicode filenames (UTF-8)

Bandizip fully supports Unicode to ensure international characters are displayed for filenames in archives. Non-English characters in file names will be displayed properly and it will be extracted without breaking international characters.

* Changing Code Page

You can change the Code page in Bandizip Archives.

Change code page, zip, Unicode filenames in archive
  • Bandizip - Support
  • WinRAR - No support
  • WinZip - No support
  • 7-Zip - No support
  • Windows Explorer (Shell Extension) - No support

* Unicode filenames in Zip files (UTF-8) supporting programs

Unicode file name in zip
  • Bandizip - Support
  • WinRAR - Support
  • WinZip - Support
  • 7-Zip - Support
  • Windows Explorer (Shell Extension) - No support

    If you use this option, Unicode filenames won't be broken when you extract on Mac OS or Linux.