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Command Line Parameters

# Bandizip.exe <archive> 
# Bandizip.exe <command>  [<switches>...] <archive> [<files>...] [<path_to_extract>]
# Bandizip.exe <bcommand> [<switches>...] [<files>...]

  Performs the operation specified in Settings. Usually just open the archive.

  a : Add files to archive
  x : Extract files with full pathname
  t : Test integrity of archive
  d : Delete files from archive
  c : Create new archive(or overwrite exist file)
  cd: Show 'New Archive' dialog box

<BCommands> Batch Commands
  bc: Compress to each File/Folder name. If the same archive name exist, the archive is created in the format of "FileName (2)".If the target folder is not specified, default target folder is the path where the original file or folder is located.
  bx: Extract each archive(s) into a target folder. If the target folder is not specified, default target folder is the path where each archive is located.
  bt: Test archive(s)

  -              Stop switches scanning
  -l:<0...9>     Set compression level (0:store, 5:default, 9:maximal)
  -r-            Disable recursion (default)
  -r             Enable recurse subdirectories
  -aoa           Overwrite All existing files without prompt
  -aos           Skip extracting of existing files
  -aou           auto rename extracting file
                 (for example, name.txt will be renamed to name (2).txt)
  -sfx:[{name}]  Create SFX archive
  -zopfli        Use Zopfli as default compressor
  -p:{password}  Set password
  -o:{dir}       Specify target folder
  -y             Assume Yes on all queries
  -fmt:{fmt}     Specify archive format
                 (zip, zipx, exe, tar, tgz, lzh, iso, 7z, gz, xz)
  -v:{size}      Specify volume size (-v:1000000 -v:1440k -v:100MB ...)

<Switches> (Bandizip Only)
  -email         Compress and email
  -target:dlg    Show target path selecting dialog box
  -target:auto   Extract to target path smartly
  -target:name   Extract to archive-name folder of target path


Open archive

Bandizip.exe sample.zip

Create new archive(overwrite exist file)

Bandizip.exe c c:\sample.zip c:\src\

Bandizip.exe c c:\sample.zip c:\src1\ c:\src2\

Add files to archive

Bandizip.exe a c:\sample.zip c:\src\sample.txt

Bandizip.exe a c:\sample.zip c:\src\sample1.txt c:\src\sample2.txt

Bandizip.exe a c:\sample.zip c:\src\*.txt c:\src\*.jpg

Delete files from archive

Bandizip.exe d c:\sample.zip sample.txt

Bandizip.exe d c:\sample.zip *.txt

Extract an archive to the target path

Bandizip.exe x -o:c:\dest\ c:\sample.zip

Add files to archive, Set password as Passw0rd, Overwrite All existing files without prompt and close the dilaog box

Bandizip.exe a -y -p:Passw0rd test.zip c:\src d:\src