Bandizip Parameter

    Here is an explanation about Bandizip parameter - Bandizip32.exe, Bandizip64.exe file

  • Open an archive file.
  •  Bandizip.exe  <archive_name>
     Bandizip.exe  /open <archive_name>

  • Create an archive file. If there is an archive file with the same name, it removes the existing file.
  •  Bandizip.exe /archive <archive_name>  <file_or_folder_name1> ... <file_or_folder_nameN>

  • Open an archive window to add a file, or set the option of an archive.
  •  Bandizip.exe /archive_dlg <archive_name>  <file_or_folder_name1> ... <file_or_folder_nameN>

  • Archive as each file name. If there is the same file name, Bandizip will create "the same file name (2)."
  • - Archive as each folder name. If there is the same folder name, Bandizip will create "the same folder name (2)."

     Bandizip.exe /archive_eachname <file_or_folder_name1> ... <file_or_folder_nameN>

  • Extract to <dest_path>.
  •  Bandizip.exe /extract <dest_path> <archive_name1> ... <archive_nameN>

  • Extract to <dest_path> with 'Extract Automatically'.
  •  Bandizip.exe /extract_autodest <dest_path> <archive_name1> ... <archive_nameN>

  • Create a named folder and extract files under the named folder.
  • If there is a folder with the same name, Bandizip will extract "File Name (2)."

     Bandizip.exe /extract_filenamedest <dest_path> <archive_name1> ... <archive_nameN>

  • Open the Settings option window. When you close the window, then the program will be closed.
  •  Bandizip.exe /setup

  • Add all archive files' extension.
  •  Bandizip.exe /regall

  • Add necessary archive files' extension.
  •  Bandizip.exe /regmandatory

  • Delete all archive files' extension.
  •  Bandizip.exe /unregall