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Bandizip Edition Comparison

Since v7.0, Bandizip is released in 3 types of editions.

  • Standard Edition: Free version for general users
  • Professional Edition: Paid version for professional users
  • Enterprise Edition: Paid version for enterprise users

In-depth Comparison

Item Standard Professional Enterprise
Price Free $30
Single-user )
Single-PC )
Recommended for General users Professional users Enterprise users
Available for
Individual users at home
Available for
Commercial purpose
Features Removal of advertisements
Password Manager
Repair Archive )
Image Preview in Archive )
Password Recovery )
Update policy Latest version
Latest version
Reliable version )
License validity period
after purchase
- Permanent Permanent
Change of license quantity
after purchase
Additional license purchase required

Upgrade of the existing license available
Offline registration ) -
Offline installer )
Bundled software installation
& Unwanted system change

  1. One user may install and use the product on multiple PCs.
  2. It is required to purchase as many licenses as the number of PCs on which you use the products, and to purchase at least 2 licenses.
  3. Refer to the help “How to use Repair Archive.”
  4. Refer to the help “How to preview images in an archive with Bandizip.”
  5. Refer to the help “How to use the Password Recovery.”
  6. Unlike the other editions, Enterprise Edition provides notification for an update only when its new version is fully reliable.
  7. Professional Edition requires an Internet connection for a registration. Enterprise Edition provides an offline registration, not requiring an Internet connection.
  8. Standard and Professional Editions provide an online installer only, requiring an Internet connection.