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Honeycam License Policy

Making a purchase of Honeycam grants you to use the product according to the following license policy.

Permanent License

Honeycam license has no expiration date; you’re able to use the product permanently once the purchase has been made.


An Internet connection is required to register your product. Once you have registered the product by entering the product key, you’re unable to sell/resell the license, get a refund, or change the registered email address.

With a “1-PC license” you may only register one product on one device. Using an additional device (e.g. Home & Office, Desktop & Laptop) requires a “2-PC license.” Registering the product with a 1-PC license on more than one PC is a violation of the license policy. In the case, you may lose your license and you’re unable to get a refund.

License Management

To register your product on another device, you must uninstall the licensed product from the previous device. Registering the product on a different device without uninstallation of the licensed product is an inappropriate license assignment and you may lose your license as a result.

If your device is no longer accessible due to failure or malfunction, however, you may register the product on a new device without uninstallation of the licensed product.

Get your product key again

If you’ve lost the product key of your license, visit the link below and enter your registered email address. The product key will be sent to your email again.

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Refund Policy

You can get a refund within 7 days of purchase if your product key is not registered yet. Once your product key has been registered, however, any refund is unable to be provided.

It is recommended that you download and test the free version of Honeycam before making a purchase.

For more information about Honeycam license policy, please contact us at apps@bandisoft.com.