Honeycam version history - Latest

v4.12 Jun 28, 2022

  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed that the list of imported images is not cleared on the Import tab.
    - Fixed a bug that did not work properly when canceled during some operations

v4.11 Jun 23, 2022

  • The Dialog for saving current state will not be shown when doing short time jobs.
  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed that PgUp and Home key don't work properly when all the frames are selected.

v4.10 Jun 20, 2022

  • Added an option for minimizing the program by pressing the ESC key.
  • Minimap is available when editing in the tab Draw, Effect, and Insert.
  • Added a new option for pen-drawing: Soft pen touch
  • Added a new option for inserting text: Anti-aliasing
  • You can specify the save file format when saving as the current file name. (Settings > Advanced)
  • Updated WebP library (1.1.0 -> 1.2.2)
  • Add an option for checking a new beta version. (Settings > General)
  • The progress is displayed when saving the current state.
  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed bugs regarding saving as the current file name.
    - Fixed that transparent areas are filled with white color when using chromakeying.
    - Fixed that some MP4 files are not opened.
    - Fixed that some GIF files are not opened.
    - Fixed that [Remember crop area] option does not work properly.
    - Fixed an occasional crash when resizing.