Honeycam version history - Latest

v4.05 Jan 24, 2022

  • Fixed the bug that image quality went worse than the previous version when saving as GIF.

v4.04 Jan 20, 2022

  • New feature: Save/Edit settings for sizes of the recording window.
  • Added some hotkeys for recording window.
  • - Ctrl+Shift+A: Add current window size to the custom list
    - Ctrl+Shift+D: Select Capture Area
    - Ctrl+Shift+F: Find window to recoard
  • Added user-friendly features on the Manage tab.
  • Shows a system error code and the help page when failed to register Pro edition.
  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed a crash that occurred when saving as GIF due to insufficient memory.

v4.03 Jan 10, 2022

  • New feature: copy/paste images with alpha channels
  • You can copy alpha channel images from Chrome, MS Word. See How-to
  • You can use the mouse wheel to move up/down slider controls.
  • You can operate more precisely by holding down the Control (Ctrl) key.
  • Collage: added a new option for playing in sequence.
  • Like a relay race, videos will be played one after the other in sequence. The file size of the result video will be much smaller than selecting the option "Play on repeat".
  • New photo frames
  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed a crash that occurred when a cache file can't be created due to insufficient temporary storage space.
    - Fixed a crash that occurred when changing the size of the recording window while recording using the Enhanced Screen Capture (DXGI)

v4.02 Dec 29, 2021

  • Bug fixes
  • - fixed crashes when capturing full screen to the half or 1/4 size using advanced screen capture (DXGI). - fixed that the progress was not updated when exporting - fixed that a progress does not appear when doing undo process that takes long time.

v4.01 Dec 23, 2021

  • Changed the settings for memory usage.

v4.0 Dec 22, 2021

  • New feature: Collage

  • You can make a collage easily by just dragging and dropping videos or GIFs. Show the help page
  • GIF/WebP or video files can be inserted into the Insert tab directly.
  • You can insert multiple video files to play and edit them at the same time.
  • Added an option for fitting the image to the window size in the Edit tab.
  • Added support for loading MKV files. (Windows 8 or higher)
  • A New Filter Effect: Monotone
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements