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Say you want to shut down your PC, but you don’t want to do it right now, you want your computer to be shut down automatically one hour from now. You can access precisely this type of functionality if you get the free application for Windows, Shutdown8.

Getting the Shutdown8 installer won’t take long, not when it weighs in at less than 1MB in size. Installing the application won’t take long either. You just have to run the aforementioned installer and click through the instructions presented by a setup wizard. It’s nothing complicated and it’s definitely not time-consuming.

The application’s interface is similar to a right click context menu. Double click the Shutdown8 icon and you will be presented with a menu that lists the following options:

From the timer interface you can choose what action the application will perform (shutdown, log off, restart, hibernate, sleep) and you can choose when the action will take place (in 10 minutes, in 15 minutes, in 1 hour, in 1 hour and 30 minutes, and so on).

Shutdown8 is freeware. You can use it for free as long as you want.

Want your PC to be shut down automatically in 1 hour and 30 minutes? With a bit of help from Shutdown8 you can set it up so your PC will be shut down in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Downloading and installing Shutdown8 will take little time. All the functionality Shutdown8 has to offer is clearly presented on its interface. Shutdown8 can perform several actions: shutdown, log off, restart, hibernate, sleep. Said actions can be performed right then and there or they can be performed automatically based on a countdown timer. Shutdown8 is freeware.

None that I could think of.

You can download Shutdown8 free here.

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