Purchase Bandisoft Capture Library (Bandicam SDK)

1. Price

The price of Bandicam SDK is as follows:

Plan A) $14,900 per title.

Plan B) $5,900 per title. (1-SITE, 1 country only)

If your game/application is distributed in more than 2 countries, the price is $14,900 per title.

If your game/application is distributed in only one country, the price is $5,900 per title.

2. Purchasing Process

1) If you agree with the price, please email us at support@bandisoft.com. We will send an agreement to your email address.

2) If you agree with the agreement, please let us know the game/application title and developer's email address.

- The game/application title is needed to create a license key. (Essential)

- The developer's email address is needed to send a notification when the library has a critical problem or major update (Optional).

3) You may pay the license fee through a bank transfer.

4) We will send a license key to your email address.

3. Technical Support

We've been selling Bandicam SDK for 6 years, and we've been doing our best to meet the client's needs.

If our clients ask something about the SDK, we usually answer their questions within our business hour.

The technical support is totally free, and our technical support level might be the best in the world.

4. Contact Us

Once you have purchased Bandisoft Capture Library (Bandicam SDK), it can be used permanently.

If you have a question about Bandicam SDK, feel free to email us at support@bandisoft.com