Honeyview supports the 'Slideshow' function to show several photos at a certain interval.

Click the [Slideshow] button on the top of the window to start a slideshow with the currently displayed pictures at a certain interval (1–90 sec).

1. Slideshow Time

- Select '1 second' to change photos every 1 second.

- Select '90 seconds' to change photos every 90 seconds.

2. Repeat

- Tick [Slideshow] Repeat to repeat the Slideshow.

3. Random

- Tick [Random] to display images without a certain order.

4. Image Effect

- Flip: Select [Flip] to change images as if the user is turning a page.

- Fade: Select [Fade] to change images smoothly.

- Slide: Select [Slide] to change images by moving the current one to the left.