Support for Various Image Formats

BMP, JPG, GIF/Animation GIF, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PSD, JPEG 2000(JP2, J2K), JPEG XR/HD Photo(JXR, WDP, HDP), Adobe Digital Negative(DNG), DDS, WebP, and PCX formats are supported.

Direct View for Compressed Files

Images can be viewed without extracting (but with memory decompressing) compressed files (ZIP/CBZ, RAR/CBR, ALZ, EGG, LZH, TAR, 7Z, HV3, CAB, and ISO). » See more


Click the "EXIF" button in the upper-left corner to display EXIF information along with the file information. » See more

GPS View

Many smartphone photos (taken by iPhone or Galaxys) include GPS information. Honeyview 5.0 displays GPS information of a photo on Google Maps. » See more

Slideshow View

Click the [Slideshow] button on the top of the window to start a slideshow with the currently displayed pictures at a certain interval (1–90 sec). » See more

Add/Edit Bookmarks

Click the [Bookmark] button on the top of the window to go to frequently viewed images. » See more

Copy/Move to Photo folder

Click the [Photo folder] button in the upper-right corner to copy/move the currently displayed photo to [Photo folder 1] or [Photo folder 2]. » See more

Support for Keyboard Shortcuts

Honeyview supports many keyboard shortcuts for user convenience. » See more

Support for Sound & Shot Files

Honeyview supports Sound & Shot files and the audio file to which image and sound is simultaneously recorded.

Fast Image Processing

Optimized image processing provides faster image loading and filtering than competitors

Support for Unicode

Unicode is supported to fully display Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc., in foreign-language Windows.

Auto Image Rotation

With EXIF information, Honeyview automatically rotates a picture to the correct position.

Support for 64-bit OSes

Honeyview fully supports 64-bit OSes for faster processing.