How to use

With Honeycam, anyone can easily capture their computer screen, YouTube videos, or media players and save them as animated GIF/WebP/WebM image files.

Please see the video tutorial below.

1. Starting Honeycam

You can start recording new images by clicking the “Recording” tab or the “Start a new recording” button after starting Honeycam.

2. Recording

Play videos through video players or Internet video services. Select the part you want to capture using the Honeycam window. Capture images by clicking the record button. » More

3. Editing

Playback speed and direction settings, watermarking text or images, crop feature for cutting only the desired area, as well as features to adjust color and apply various filters are provided. » More

4. Adjusting the color or applying a filter effect

Image brightness can be adjusted and other filter effects can also be applied.

5. Watermarking text/images

Text or image logos (watermarks) can be inserted on images. » More

6. Cropping images

If images are larger than you want, you can adjust their size or crop them to capture the area you want.

7. Loading images

If you have a series of pictures taken through the burst mode (continuous shooting mode) of your digital camera, you can load all the images at once and create a funny animated image. » More