Starting a recording

You can start recording new images by clicking the "Record" tab or the "Start a new recording" button after starting Honeycam.

Recording Menu

Select the recording area using the quadrangle window. Click the [Start recording] button to start the image recording.

Honeycam, image capturing

  •  1   Always on top: If the 'Always on top' option is checked, the Honeycam window would be 'always on top' of the images that are being recorded.
  •  2   Capture mouse cursor: If the 'Cursor' option is checked, the 'mouse cursor' is captured in recorded images.
  •  3   FPS: If the FPS is set to 10, 10 image frames are captured per second. The FPS can be increased (20 as the maximum) to keep the animation smooth. However, the file size increases because the number of frames also increases. » What is FPS?...
  •  4   Window size: If you click 'Find window,' you can easily select the area to be recorded. You can enter the size of a window to be recorded into a 'Custom Size...' Moreover, you can select an area to be recorded by using the 'Select Region...' option.
  •  5   Start/stop/pause recording: Images in a selected window would start recording when you click on the 'Record' button. Meanwhile, the 'Stop' button completes the recording process, while the pause button temporarily stops recording, which you may resume later.

Previewing and saving recorded images

If you click on the [Stop] button, you can preview recorded images and select the file format, saving/editing options, etc.

애니메이션 이미지 제작 - GIF, WEBP, WEBM

  •  1   Save as Format: You can select the file format for saving recorded images.» GIF, WebP, WebM file formats...
  •  2   [...]: This button is used when choosing a new folder to save in or changing the name of a file.
  •  3   Open folder: You can open the folder where images will be saved. » How to change the Open folder...
  •  4   Save: This button is used to save the previewed images.
  •  5   Edit: Click this button to edit the recorded images. » How to edit...
  •  6   Cancel: This button is used to record again without saving the previewed images.