Create Self-extracting Archive (*.exe)

An archiver is required to extract a compressed program, but Bandizip supports 'Create Self-extracting Archive (*.exe)' function so that an archive can be extracted without any archiver.

1. Add to archive (Bandizip)...

Users can create an self-extracting archive (*.exe) by selecting a file and clicking 'Add to archive (Bandizip)...'.

2. Select 'EXE' for 'Archive Format'

Select 'EXE' for 'Archive Format' and click 'Compress'

3. Result

An self-extracting archive file (*.exe) is created as shown below:

Extract Self-extracting Archive with Bandizip

Click the self-extracting archive (ABC.exe) to display the extract window as below:

- Select the extraction path and click the [Extract] button.

- An self-extracting archive can be extracted without any archiver in Windows Explorer.