Configuration - General

1. Columns

Users can specify the items to be displayed in the main window.

2. ESC key to exit Window

Bandizip can be exited with the ESC key.

3. Always check files when the file is added/deleted/renamed

Whenever a file is edited within an archive, the integrity of the archive is tested.

4. Snap Windows (Magnet Function)

When the window is moved to one edge of the desktop, the window is attached to it.

5. Show [..] directory in archive

In the Bandizip window, users can move from a sub folder to the root folder by clicking [..].

6. Full row select in archive

In the Bandizip window, users can select a full row in the archive.

7. Check the version when Bandizip starts

The user is notified of any major updates. If 'Notify me when a minor update is available' is ticked, the user is notified of bug fixes or improvements. » See more