Configuration - Extraction

  • If there is only one folder in the archive, show files in the folder.
  • Open the target folder after extracting.
  • Do not close the progress window after extracting.
  • Use "Fast Drag and Drop" if the extracted file is big. » See more
  • Extract TGZ and TBZ files at the same time: TGZ is a gzip archive combining tar archives; TBZ is a bzip2 archive combining tar archives; and Bandizip can extract them in 1 process.
  • When using 'Extract Automatically', extract the file in a new folder if there is only one file in the archive.
  • Detect Macintosh code pages automatically: Language is automatically recognized for archives compressed in Mac so that foreign-language names are not fragmented.
  • Default Code Page: When [Default] is selected, suitable language codes are displayed with Bandizip.
  • Unpack everything for: Unpack everything for: If there is *.exe or *.html in the archive, they are extracted to a temporary folder and executed. (For example) When you double-click the *.html file in an archive, Bandizip will unpack the whole files in the archive, and show the result. It will allow you to see the *.html file with other materials such as jpeg, png, gif, video, etc. If you remove *.html, you will only see the text in the *.html file.)