Configuration - Compression

  • Do not create a root folder when you compress only one folder.
  • Use Unicode file names in Zip files (UTF-8): Users can save file names in Unicode (UTF-8) to prevent their fragmentation. » See more
  • Use Unicode file names in tar, tgz files (UTF-8).
  • Exclude the thumbs.db file when archiving.
  • Save NTFS File time information when archiving.
  • Use High-speed Archiving: Incompressible files are skipped to boost processing. » See more
  • Use Multi-core Processors: New multi-core CPUs provide up to 6 times faster processing.
    » See more
  • Do not close the progress window after archiving.
  • Compression Level: Default compression level (None/Fast/Normal/Maximum) can be selected.
  • Default Folder for "New Archive": Users can specify the basic folder for archives which are compressed by clicking the "New Archive" button.
  • File types to execute when archiving: Pre-configured files are excluded for archiving.