Bandizip Window

1. Menu

All menus are displayed. » File, Edit, Find, Help

2. Standard Button Icon: Frequently used menu.

  • Open: Users can open an archive.
  • Extract: Users can extract an archive to a certain folder.
  • New Archive: Users can archive a new file.
  • Add File: Users can add a file or folder to an archive.
  • Delete File: Users can delete a file or folder from an archive.
  • Integrity Check: Users can test if there is a problem with an archive.
  • Column Setting: Users can specify items (Compressed Size, Original Size, File Type, and Date) to be displayed in the File List Window.
  • Code Page: If the name of a file is in a foreign language and is displayed incorrectly, users can fix it by selecting the appropriate code page for that language.
  • : Open a folder containing archives.
  • : Open a decompressed folder.

3. Folder Tree Window: If there is any folder inside an archive, the structure is displayed as a folder tree.

4. File Explorer: Contents of an archive are displayed.

5. It shows the current state of the selected file.

6. Users can open the folder where the archive is located.

7. It shows the number of files/folders and their sizes.