How to make an Icon Pack

Everybody can make their own Bandizip Icon Pack.

This is how you can make an Icon Pack.

1. Edit Icons

Click "Open Bandizip Folder" under the Help menu.

Go to the 'icons' folder and copy the 'default' folder and paste it (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V).

Rename 'default - Copy' to 'test'.

See the image below.

Open the _desc.ini file in the folder and edit it.

Modify icon files with an icon editing program. Icofx will be the best program to edit icons.

- Download: IcoFx

After you have finished making an icon, start Bandizip and apply the icon.

(Start Bandizip -> Settings -> Association -> Choose Icon Pack and click 'Apply Now' button.)

If you want to see the applied files, download the file and extract it.

You can check it in Window's Explorer.

2. Making Icon Pack

Select all the files in the 'test' folder and click the right mouse button, then choose 'Compress to ""’.

Rename the "" file to "test.iconpack."

Double click the created "test.iconpack" file, you will be asked to install it like this.

If ‘yes’ is selected, the icons will be applied automatically.

Go to Icon Pack download page >>>