Create Encrypted Archive

1. Add to archive (Bandizip)...

Users can use 'Password Setting' to configure a password for an archive by selecting a file and clicking 'Add to archive (Bandizip)...'.

2. Enter Password in 'New Archive' Window

Enter the password and click [Compress] to create an 'Encrypted Archive (*.zip or *.zipx)'

  • Bandizip uses standard archive formats (*.zip and *.zipx) for encryption so the archive can be extracted with the correct password.
  • Passwords less than 8 characters can easily be decrypted with a special decryptor so an 8-or-more-character password is recommended.

3. Result

Encrypted compression creates the following files (*.zip or *.zipx):

Extract Encrypted Archive

An archive compressed with Bandizip can be extracted using all kinds of archivers including Windows Explorer, WinZip, WinRAR, 7zip, etc.

When extracting an 'Encrypted Archive', the following prompt pops up for the password.