Bandicut: Fastest and Lossless Video Cutter & Joiner!

Bandicut is a video editor that can cut out certain parts of video or merge multiple videos. Because it cuts videos without re-encoding, you can clip/trim parts of video quickly while keeping the original video quality. Users can also extract audio from video to MP3, join multiple video files, remove one or more parts from the video, or split the video into multiple files. »More
If you want to create a video clip from a video file and upload it to video services like YouTube, Vimeo and so on, please try Bandicut.

Bandicut Video Trimmer


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  • We have included the updated module from ffmpeg which improves codec compatibility and stability.
  • Bandicut is now able to play the HEVC video codec.
  • Bandicut now supports auto rotation when a video file has rotation metadata.
  • Added an option, "Save the file information at the beginning of the file (only MP4)"
  • Bandicut is now able to save the audio volume.
  • Bandicut now shows Time Remaining and Speed while cutting.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Bandicut couldn’t transcode files which were made by car black boxes of a specific brand.
    • Some transcoded MP4 files couldn’t be played by WMP because Bandicut analyzed the AAC audio codec incorrectly.
    • Bandicut couldn’t recognize some audio tracks which were made by DVDFab9 software.
    • Other minor bugs fixed.
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  • Bandicut now sets audio output automatically when the setting is not available(sample rate/bitrate).
  • Bug fixed - Bandicut sometimes crashed when a user tried to convert a file while Bandicut was generating thumbnails.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.


02/03/2016, 02/05/2016

  • Added an option, "Alert when the same filename exists".
  • An Intel Quick Sync Video encoder suggestion window will pop up when Bandicut starts.
  • Improved stability when adding/playing/seeking large files.
  • Improved analyzing video/audio tracks.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Bandicut sometimes couldn’t transcode due to adding/analyzing wrong video/audio tracks.
    • Other minor bugs fixed.
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