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July 18, 2013    | « News / Review list

Every time I watch a movie late at night, I find it annoying to have to get up and turn off my computer once the movie is finished, then go back to bed. A program that comes in handy in this sort of situation is Shutdown8, a small utility that automatically shuts down your PC at any defined interval of time.

This application is very simple to configure and you can easily set it to shut down, restart or log off your PC at the desired interval of time. In addition, if you wish to save the contents from the RAM (random access memory) before shutting down the computer, you can opt for the hibernate mode.

You might find this program of good use whenever you need to leave home and let the computer create backups or install applications.

However, Shutdown8 isn't the best there is from its category. You can't set the program to reside in the system tray, move the main window on the screen, and it closes if you click outside its main menu. It's safe to say that to some users, these disadvantages could represent a viable reason for not trying this program.

Taking into consideration the good and bad aspects about using this application, it's up to you to decide whether Shutdown8 is worth a shot or not. The program is free, but it still needs some work to be done.



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